Charity Team BuildingA charity based team building program has become a must do for most organization when at a conference. Not only does this type of program accomplish the ever important team building element, but it also adds in a feel good charity component.

Many organizations have a mandate to be charitable and it is often stated in their company values. With Charity Team Building you can accomplish team building and charity give back at the same time. What better way to grow as a team, feel good about who you are, and serve your company values at the same time.

One of our Summit Team Building values is to give back through our team building programs. Summit President Scott Kress has been working for several years as a guide for the True Patriot Love expeditions for ill and injured Canadian Military Veterans. This program provides Canadian veterans with a well-deserved once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience, a personal growth opportunity, and a mentor to help them in their transition from military service to the civilian work world. In 2013 the True Patriot Love Veterans Expedition hiked to Everest base camp and climbed Island Peak as part of a CBC documentary called March to the Top. In 2013 Scott skied to the North Pole with a group of ill and injured veterans as part of a Shaw documentary called March to the Pole. The true Patriot Love team is now preparing for their next expedition to Antarctica to climb Mount Vinson; the highest peak in Antarctica. True Patriot Love has raised over 20 million dollars to date to help those who served our country.

Update: Scott Kress and the True Patriot Love team have just returned from a very successful expedition to Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Over a three-week period the True Patriot Love Team made their way to Antarctica and battled extreme weather to summit the highest peak in Antarctica. This was the largest expedition every to attempt Mount Vinson and in the end a record number of 31 team members made it to the summit.

Charity Team Building is important at Summit Team Building and Summit offers many different options for you to team build and give back at the same time. Play it Forward is a Charity Team Building scavenger hunt that raises money for third world entrepreneurs. Putt-ing People First is a Charity Team Building program based on the ever popular game of golf. Design a challenging themed mini-putt course and donate food to a local food bank. Step-Up is our newest Charity Team Building program that challenges the team to work together to earn the parts to and assemble a prosthetic leg. This may sound a little odd at first glance, but once you learn that through your efforts someone on a poor village in Kenya will get to walk again. This is truly a life changing charity team building program.

For your next conference or meeting contact Summit Team building and ask about our charity team building options. Not only will you build your team, but you will help make the world a better place.