Culinary Team Building

When you are booking your next conference you are most likely going to be looking for some form of team building. The first type of program that often jumps to mind is the culinary team building program or the “Iron Chef” style of team building.

Although nobody wants Gordon Ramse yelling at they, all teams love to cook together. The culinary team building program allows the chefs in the group to shine and provides the less skilled chefs to learn a thing or two that may benefit them at home in the kitchen.

Culinary team building stands the test of time. Every year there are team building fads just like there are in fashion and music. The summer of 2015 was the Escape room. While an interesting concept, ultimately it was not overly engaging and it had no staying power. The summer of 2015 is the summer of the axe. Throwing axe that is. Everybody wants to throw and axe or a knife. Not that my opinion is that important, but I think that it is a stretch to call this team building. It too will soon fade away, and we just need to hope nobody gets injured before it runs its course.

Culinary team building has been around for years and will continue to be around for years. At Summit Team Building our Put Your Chef Hat On team building program continues to be one of our most booked team building programs year after year.

The reason for this is, in my mind, pretty clear. A culinary team building program is fun, engaging, inclusive, flexible, and can be delivered at just about any venue for just about any size of group. We have run our Put Your Chef Hat on for groups ranging from 6-600 and we could do it for more if you just ask us.

Our Put Your Chef Hat On culinary team building program does not replace a meal for your team as we cannot guarantee the quality of the end product. Nobody in your group will become a better chef as a result of this program; it is not a cooking course. What we do is use food as a vehicle for team building. Through a series of team challenges your team will earn their Chef Bucks to purchase food and cooking implements from our general store. You then prepare, plate and present your meal. The judges will taste it and one team will be crowned the Chef Hat culinary team building winner based on their overall teamwork, the taste of their mean, the ascetic quality of the plating, and the presentation. Overall, a smoking good time.

If you are looking for great team building program for your next meeting or conference give Summit Team Building a call and ask us about our Put Your Chef Hat On culinary team building program. This has always boon one of our most popular team building programs and my prediction is that it will continue to be so long into the future.