Motivational Speakers in Canada - Mr. Scott KressIf you are reading this blog there is a good change you have seen countless motivational speakers over the years. You may have been a participant at a meeting or conference where a motivational speaker was included as part of the event and you may even have booked a motivational speaker for an event you were organizing.

There is no doubt a motivational speaker can be a great asset to your event and add great value, but you must make sure you are selecting the right motivational speaker for your event. Below are 5 factors I fee you should consider when booking a motivational speaker.

  1. Why do you want a motivational speaker

The first question you must answer is why do you want a motivational speaker for your event. You must be clear on this as it will help you select the appropriate speaker for your event. You even need to have an idea of when you will want the speaker to present as this will impact the type of motivational speaker you hire. Do you want an opening motivational speaker, a closing speaker, a mid-day speaker or an after dinner speaker. Each one of these factors will influence who you select as a motivational speaker for your event. You also need to be clear if you are looking for an entertainer, a motivator or and educator. Different speakers will bring different things to your event.

  1. What is your topic or theme

There are literally thousands of motivational speakers available for hire and they all have something different to offer. Knowing your theme, objectives and topic focus will help you narrow down your search.

  1. What is your budget

Motivational speaking fees can range from $500-$100,000 or more. The old saying that you get what you pay for has some relevance here, but there is the celebrity factor that plays into speaking fees as well. You may be able to get an industry expert to speak for free, but chances are they will not be very motivational. You can also hire a celebrity to speak, but you will need to budget for $20,000 plus for this. It the WOW factor is important to you then this may be the route for you. For most speakers $5000-$15,000 will get you a very good motivational speaker.

  1. What do you want out audience to take away

You need to have a clear idea in your head right from the start what you want your audience to walk away with. Any good speaker will ask you this and they will guide their presentational accordingly. Do you want the motivational speaker to just entertain and motivate. Or do you want them to educated and provide your audience with tangible application ideas.

  1. Collateral material

Does the motivational speaker have something like a book that you can give your audience. This form of take away is of huge value as it helps to keep the speakers message alive long past the event. If the speakers is willing to sign the book for each person that adds an impressive wow factor to this gift.

If you do your homework you can get huge value from the motivational speaker you select. Check our the Summit Team Building keynote page for information on what Scott Kress can bring to your event as a motivational speaker.