invest-in-teamTeam building cooking can be many different things and each option will serve a different need for your team. Team building cooking may be a lesson, a meal, an entertainment session, or a fun, active and engaging team building experience.

Team building cooking is presented in many different ways.

Team Building cooking as a class: Some cooking schools offer cooking classes that will teach your team how to cook specific dishes. You select from a menu and a professional chef demonstrates what you need to do and in groups you do it. Often one group will make an appetizer, one the main course and one the desert. In the end you have a meal for the team. The cooking school will make sure to supplement what you create with professionally prepared items just in case your creation lacks in the taste department. Although some team building is happening here it is just under the radar and may not be obvious to all.

Team Building Cooking as entertainment: Sometimes a chef will be hired to prepare an exotic and scrumptious meal for your team. You sit back and relax and the chef works wonders right before your eyes. The quality of the food is pretty much guaranteed in this case your will have a fun evening together. This is fun and entertaining, but there is little team building going on.

Team building Cooking as Team building: At Summit we use food to help your team grow. Not physically, but culturally. Relationship is the foundation of all high performance teams and it has been said that food is the fastest way to someone’s heart. At Summit Team Building our Put Your Chef Hat On team building cooking program has been pleasing teams for years. We have literally run hundreds of these program over the years and can accommodate almost any group size.

In the Summit Team Building Put Your Chef Hat On team building cooking program the end goal is t produce one plated meal. This is not to provide a meal for the team or replace any food service provided by the resort or restaurant. The food is simply a vehicle by which we get you working as and thinking about how you work together as a team.

To complete the challenge your team must complete many different tasks to earn the currency you will use to buy your supplies from our general store. Once you have your supplies you must use your creativity to prepare the best one-plate meal you can. You will not be eating this as a team, but the judges will. You will be judged on your teamwork, collaboration, cooking skills, plating, and sales presentation. The sales presentation is a great place to add in some elements from your conference or your company. Perhaps your dish is names after a product, or recognizes a goal to be achieved. Regardless, there are countless opportunities here to connect this cooking team building program with your company.

If you plan to use team building cooking at your next meeting or conference you will not be disappointed. Contact Summit Team Building for your next team building cooking adventure.