Managing Change


Is your team working from a rock-solid foundation of trust? Trust is what enables people to collaborate, build strong respectful relationships and contribute fully to the team’s work. It allows them to take on new assignments and take productive risks. Through a series of powerful experiences, we take people out of their comfort zones in a safe, supportive environment where they learn to re-define what is possible.


  • A series of light physical activities
  • Debriefs and facilitated discussions
  • Presentations on current change theories and models from Kotter, Lewin and others
  • Change resiliency self assessment


  • Evaluate your personal perceptions of risk
  • Apply a model for assessing and confronting personal fears
  • Extend your own comfort zone for taking personal initiative
  • Identify strategies to build and maintain a high level of trust in your team
  • Identify strategies to offer and acknowledge co-worker support

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