Today was our last day on Baffin Island. We awoke in soft, warm beds, most of us feeling well-rested. Some found it strange to sleep indoors and not be cold! We had a relaxing morning and then went for a short walking tour of the community with Markus. He helped us understand some of the history and housing issues. We finished at the Co-op and did a little light shopping.

After lunch, we headed over to the Youth centre where two amazingly resilient women, Diane and Sheila, run the soup kitchen. Three days a week, these ladies cook a full meal using food donated by the two grocery stores, for the many hungry people in the community. We had an amazing discussion of the unique struggles and universal issues that Pangnirtung faces. It was humbling and eye-opening.

After supper, Scott gathered us all together for a wonderful time of discussion and debriefing. Each of us had a chance to say what the trip meant to us, how we were changed, what we struggled with and how we will go forward from here. We heartily thanked our guides, Alex, Mel, Kat, and Ben, and our fearless leader Scott. The friendships we have forged in the frost, snow, ice and wind will not be easily shaken. We started together and we finished together, always helping and lifting each other up. It was an unforgettable experience.