Ice Cream Making Summit Team Building

Fun fact…did you know that it takes 12 gallons of milk to create one gallon of ice cream?

Some of us prefer our gallon of ice cream to be from our local grocery store, while others would rather go out and grab ice cream from places like McDonalds or Dairy Queen whenever we get the craving. For most of us, though, ice cream is just something we purchase when we feel like it…it’s not usually something we whip up at home on a casual Saturday night.  I mean, making ice cream just seems like an unnecessarily tedious and complicated process.

While buying (and eating) ice cream may be among my top hobbies, the mysterious task of making ice cream certainly isn’t.

But who would’ve thought that making ice cream would be the ultimate team building experience?

Over the past few years, Summit Team Building has been tapping into the power of this amazing frozen treat to create unforgettable team building experiences for corporations around the world. But recently, we’ve taken our ice cream game to a whole new level…

Let me elaborate.

In the past, we’ve provided teams with soccer ball-shaped tools to make bowls of ice cream that they can enjoy together. Teams get to choose between different flavours, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and with the tools and materials we give them, they work together to create the ice cream of their dreams.  Every time we deliver this program, we’ve noticed that every participant seems to walk away with a smile on their face, newfound friendships with their coworkers, and (most importantly?) satisfied sugar cravings.

But that wasn’t enough for Summit. As Canada’s premium team-building company, we felt that we need to really wow our customers even more.

Hence…we have a new premium option for our ice cream making programs.

Introducing: liquid nitrogen.

I know what you’re thinking – when I first heard that we were going to try this at Summit, my first thought was…what? This sounds weird. And dangerous. I’ve never worked with liquid nitrogen before, and I really wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Liquid Nitrogen is approximately -196 degrees Celcius, and when poured into a bowl, it quickly evaporates into a dense fog. It’s almost like having a smoke machine in your bowl…without the actual, well, machine.

Check out this short clip of Bill Nye working with liquid nitrogen. He puts an Oreo in a bowl of liquid nitrogen, and it’s frozen solid in a quick 2 seconds. And here’s the thing: it’s completely safe to work with – Bill Nye (and FDA) approved.

At Summit, we use liquid nitrogen similarly in our ice cream program. By adding liquid nitrogen to a mixture of cream, sugar, and ice cream flavours (e.g., strawberry…orange…coffee?!?!), we have a bowl of delightful ice cream in two seconds flat.

On top of that, we get the undeniable wow factor from the fog that spills out of the bowl.

Don’t believe it? Give us a call at our Summit offices, and experience the power of foggy ice cream for yourself.