Sports teams want to win the championship, climbing teams want to reach the summit and race car drivers want to see the checkered flag. Common with all three is the need to have a clear and achievable goal. It is this goal that allows the team to stay focused and perform at a higher level with more confidence.

Work place teams require the same thing – a common goal that encourages them to work together and focus on mutual success. The actual process of team building excels dramatically when achievable goals are established from the outset.

Simply put, goals engage employees and provide them with the confidence needed to encourage others, provide directions and be an active participant in the team.

Here are 4 tips:

Tip 1 – Work with the team to establish a clear goal with tangible results.

Tip 2 – Have the team list the steps required to achieve the goal – a to-do list

Tip 3  Establish a plan to complete each item on the to-do list including measurable benchmarks

Tip 4 – Clearly define what the results will be once the goal is achieved

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