Survive or Thrive



High-performing teams are never satisfied with the status quo. They are driven to always look for innovative ways of raising the bar and bringing more meaning to the work they do. Another attribute that sets thriving teams apart from the pack is the passion to seek ways of extending success beyond their own boardrooms and make a difference in the global community. SURVIVE-OR-THRIVE is an energetic, competitive, and insightful team experience that will identify the key team skills that are needed to make thriving a reality, while building stronger team relationships and morale. Add this to an element of Corporate Social Responsibility and you have the makings of a truly meaningful team experience.




  • Participants will be strategically divided into competitive teams
  • Teams must compete in a series of challenging activities
  • Each activity will bring to life a key team skill required to “thrive” (e.g., communication, trust, alignment, etc.)
  • Groups will learn about an exciting and innovative initiative that provides clean energy through play, and will ultimately facilitate the donation of a brand new “Soccket ball” to a worthy recipient in need
  • Vital roles will exist for all participants regardless of ability or activity level


  • Build relationships by allowing your team to play with a purpose
  • Inject a high-energy event into your offsite meetings
  • Balance limited time and resources to create and market a winning product

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