Fun Team Building ActivitiesIt’s long been known that laughter opens up people to new experiences, this is also true for both large and small organizations. When teams begin to laugh and enjoy themselves their natural defenses, which often inhibit growth, begin to disappear. This often opens the door to creativity and new ideas.

But how does one lighten the mood? You can start by injecting an element of fun into everyday work activities. Toys often help, start a meeting with a game of Jenga – you’d be surprised how many Nerf toys wind up at the office. And don’t be afraid to let your team take the lead and be sure to be 100% behind them.

You hired this team because they had a passion for what they do, adding some fun to their day will bring back that passion. Through emphasizing it’s importance in your core values, culture and teams, you can ensure that fun in the office prevails.

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