Leadership and Planning

Being able to build a plan and work your plan is the 5th critical leadership competency identified by Korn/Ferry Lominger. A plan keeps us on track and focuses our energy. It can keep us from flying off on wild goose chases that expend great amounts of resources but achieve very little.

The ability to plan is not always natural. As we can learn through a Myers-Briggs session, some of us are naturally good at planning and some of us are not. Yet, this is another skill that can be cultivated and developed.

People who are good at planning can uncover what needs to be done, who needs to do it, how long it will take and what resources will be required. This is a very deliberate process requiring complementary skills in many other of the ‘Big 8’ competencies.

Those who do not develop good planning skills often fly by the seats of their pants. They may seem very energetic and creative, but their results often do no match expectations. They are often tired and stressed.

To be successful, be systematic in developing your plan. First set clear goals about what you want to accomplish, including performance standards and measures of success. Break your goal into smaller tasks that must be completed. Identify the resources required including budget, equipment and human. Match people to tasks, train them if necessary and give them appropriate responsibility, authority and timelines. Monitor your progress, reflect on your process and make adjustments where necessary.

This planning process fits very well with our Deliberate Success Model which focuses on developing a Vision, creating a Plan and Reflecting upon the results.

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