Dealing with Ambiguity

In this series of Blogs we are examining what separates good leaders from great leaders. The first specific competency among the “Big 8” identified by Korn/Ferry Lominger is Dealing with Ambiguity.

According to studies, 90% of all decisions made by middle managers and above are ambiguous. The higher the position, the more ambiguity there is. It is rare to have all the information and know the perfect solution. Problems are often so complex and contain so many facets that it is impossible to have perfect clarity. Most people, given all the facts could make the right decision. However, this rarely happens. Great leaders are able to comfortably make more good decisions than bad with limited information, in less time, and with few or no precedents on how it was solved in the past.

To cope with this effectively: Take small incremental steps; Balance thinking with action; Broaden your horizon; Get organized; and Ask the right questions to define the problem.

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