invest-in-teamIf you are looking for a unique and professional team building Canadian outback adventure we at Summit Team building can help you out.

Summit Team building is a leading team building and training firm operating in Canada, in Toronto, at Blue Mountain Resort, at Vintage Hotels, and at many other locations. Summit has been delivering team building programs for over 20 years and all our programs are designed for an adult corporate audience.

Regardless of your industry or the sector of business, you work in you will engage several times a year in team meetings, all company events, and conferences. At these events, you are frequently looking for some type of Canadian outback adventure team building.

The word team building means many things to many people. Team building can be a social event, a fun recreational game, an organized team bonding program, or a learning workshop. Here at Summit Team Building, we can help you add huge value to your conference agenda and have your team excited for the next meeting.

At Summit Team Building we categorize our Canadian outback adventure team building program into three main categories: team building programs, team development workshops, and keynote speaking

Team Building: These are the 1-3 hour fun relationship development sessions you might do at a multi-day conference. They are high on fun and light on focused learning and content. Their objective is to energize and build relationships which strengthens the event experience and enhances overall teamwork. Program themes may include cooking challenges, scavenger hunts, photo rallies, and many programs with a philanthropic give back component. See the team building page on our website for all the details.

Team Development: These are longer training workshops that focus on improving team interactions and specific personal, leadership and team skills. These sessions are mostly classroom-based but will have some experiential components to them. The curriculum may be aimed at personal, team or leadership development and may include team development, communication enhancement, change leadership/management, leadership style, 360 assessment, emotional intelligence, and much more. See the team building page on our website for all the details.

Keynote SpeakingScott Kress has been enthralling audiences for 10 plus years and has received countless glowing testimonials from happy clients.Scott delivered over 45 keynotes last year across Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, the UK, Switzerland, and Nigeria. His main keynote focuses is on his climb of Everest in 2008 and led to success and what led to failure. What separates Scott from other climber/adventure speakers is his training and teaching background. Scott is able to use his story to introduce models and tools to help individuals, teams, and leaders perform at a higher level. Scott has sold over 5000 copies of his book Learning In Thin Air which is a combination storybook and leadership/team development textbook. See the team building page on our website for all the details.

At Summit Team Building we can help you make your conference or meeting a more valuable experience with our Canadian outback adventures team building programs.