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Team building programs specifically designed to energize, inspire and engage. Summit Team Building has been delivering successful team building and development programs across North America for 20 years.


At Summit, team building programs are designed to create an experience that resonates. It is essential that each program is fun, sophisticated, organizationally appropriate and provide a defined value.

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These in-depth and focused team development programs develop specific “soft skills” for individuals, teams, leaders and organizations. The emphasis is on learning positive behaviours that are transferred to the workplace.

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Scott Kress is a noted speaker, author and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers.What sets Scott apart is his ability to scale mountains.

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We can create a team building experience that resonates and adds value to your events. Designed for both large groups and small each program is fun, sophisticated, and organizationally appropriate. Our strength is in creating an exceptional team building experience and ensuring that all participants are engaged from the outset. Our facilitators approach each program with infectious enthusiasm, an understanding of what participants are expected to gain from the activity and the tools to deliver.

Whether teams are being creative or competitive, they love to interact and that is the key to creating an environment that is perfect for team building. Each program can be used effectively as an energizer during a conference, as a kick off to a development initiative or as a maintenance piece within a multi-day training solution. Our focus is on making the team building fun, meaningful and something that will stay with them once they get back to the office. The key components for any program is that it has a high level of interaction is engaging for all participants and run by facilitators who are skilled at and love what they are doing.

Summit has partnered with us for over 10 years, working with us in developing our leadership team and revise our vision, mission and values using experiential events and facilitation. They offer a great variety of options and I plan to continue to use Summit well into the future
Shaun Francis Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Medcan and True Patriot Love

Does your team create a positive buzz – generating commitment, drive and enthusiasm? If not we can demonstrate how understanding team development can be instrumental in fulfilling your teams potential. Our in-depth and focused programs develop specific “soft skills” for individuals, teams, leaders and organizations. The emphasis is on learning positive behaviours that are transferred to the workplace.

We will help you understand what motivates individuals, what makes a good team better and how sometimes the slightest shift can turn failure into success. Our shared insights into team development will pay direct dividends to your bottom line whether you’re a fortune 500 company, an up and comer or a not for profit looking to make a difference.

In a landscape dominated by virtual and disconnected teams it is more important than ever to understand the dynamics of team development.

During our 7 years working with Summit our organization has excelled both clinically and financially. We would not be where we are without the Summit Team. The Summit team is just that, part of our team. They have regularly being involved in leadership training, workshops and retreats. They have grown with the organization and provided the necessary tools for our organization to excel. I strongly recommend Summit for your organization – large or small.
David Musyj CEO
Windsor Regional Hospital

When Scott engages his audiences with tales of an Everest climb where the challenges went far beyond just climbing the mountain, and seamlessly ties that into reaching professional and personal goals, one can’t help but listen.

A noted speaker, author and leadership consultant, Scott helps organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers. He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and has taught leadership and team development at some of the leading MBA and EMB programs in the world and has received many top honours including Professor of the Year.

As a trainer and speaker what sets Scott apart is his ability to scale mountains and the learning he has gained from these adventures. Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and most recently while standing atop Mount Vinson in Antarctica he became the 18th Canadian to climb the seven summits; the highest point on all seven continents.

Scott’s stories kept us riveted. We really did “feel” what Scott was talking to us about… listening, hearing AND seeing it!! His takeaways were perfect segues into vibrant group discussions immediately after. These discussions led to solid actions that my team and I will be plowing through in the weeks ahead.
Ben Kawa National Director, Sales & Strategic Relationships
First National Financial

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