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Corporate team building as we know it today has been around since just after World War 2. While there are many versions of the origin and evolution of corporate team building, this is my understanding.

During WWII it was observed that the older sailors had a higher survival percentage than their younger comrades when their ship was sunk. Rational thought you place better odds on the younger and in many cases more fit sailors of surviving better than their older counterparts. This was observed not to be the case and studies were conducted to discover why.

It was discovered that the greater life experience and maturity of the older sailors (perhaps this can be related to emotional intelligence) enabled them to tolerate stress, pressure, and discomfort better than the younger sailors. The military therefore crated a training program designed to give navy sailors a crash course in life experience focusing on self-awareness, self-confidence, resiliency and determination.

At the end of the war this program morphed into Outward Bound and became assessable to the civilian population. Outward Bound chose to focus on youth in their developmental years with the goal of helping them to become stronger and balanced individuals that would be strong contributors to society.

As time went on this approach to personal development began to be recognized by insightful and future thinking corporate trainers and they started to look for ways to adapt these Outward Bound program concepts into Corporate Team Building Programs and thus the corporate team building program was born.

Being ever competitive, corporations sought out ways to enhance these corporate team building programs and started to add in new elements including an increased focus on real world application and the addition of models and tools based on research. Personal reflection and application were added to make these corporate team building program even more valuable.

It was quickly discovered that the corporate audience enjoyed and valued these corporate team building programs and saw them as a reward and a learning opportunity. In return for these corporate team building opportunities the employees rewarded the company with greater teamwork, leadership, productivity, commitment and loyalty.

Companies such as Summit Team Building have now taken this torch and continue to take the value of corporate team building to new heights. We have honed the experience, deepened the content, and solidified the application to make each and every team building program or team development workshop a fun and valuable experience for all participants with a strong return on investment for their company.

At summit we have built our corporate team building offerings into three main categories; keynote speaking, team building, and team development workshops.

Our corporate team building keynotes focus on sharing the tools and strategies for building and leading high performance teams in a very entertaining and inspiring way.

Our corporate team building programs are designed to provide your team with a session that focuses on ‘play with purpose’. Everyone wants to have fun as a team and when you book with Summit team building you are guaranteed to have fun and to build strong team relationships at the same time.

Our corporate team building workshops take team building to the next step by adding in models, tools, strategies, and action planning to make your corporate team building workshop the most valuable experience possible.

When considering corporate team building contact Summit Team Building for a fun, engaging, educational and applicable experience.