You have a national sales conference coming up and someone suggested that you hire an Everest speaker to present a motivational keynote. You are skeptical as to what value, beyond pure entertainment, an Everest speaker can add to your event.

Well, I am an Everest speaker and I am going to share with you my two cents.

First of all, a speaker is a great addition to most events for many reasons. They entertain and motivate your audience and they help them to see their challenges and goals through a different lens thereby perhaps giving them new ideas and energy to climb their personal mountains.

There are many Everest speakers out there these days. Almost everyone who has climbed the mountain is happy to tell you about their experience for a small fee. Some of these Everest speakers will be fantastic and worth every penny, and some will be a waste of time and budget. How do you know the difference is the critical questions that must be answered.

Everyone who has climbed Everest has a story and most will be dramatic and compelling. However, is there value in it for your audience. First you must be clear on what you are looking to achieve by bringing in an Everest speaker. This will help you to narrow down the field considerable as each Everest speaker will bring something slightly different to their presentation.

Nest you need to consider their stage presence. Are you looking for a funny and quirky presented or a serious and meticulous one. Are they a good story teller or will they make you wish you were freezing to death on a mountain rather than listen to them drone on and on. Most real speakers will have video samples you can watch, testimonials you can read, and references you can speak to. Do your homework and you will most likely be pleased with the end result.

Jamie Clark is one such Everest speaker and he is very good. You will pay a small fortune for his services, but if he is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed. Jamie is a professional story teller. He will have your audience on the edge of their seats as their emotions go up and down with his story.

Scott Kress is another Everest speaker that is on a much more modest price range than Jamie Clark. Scott is also a great story teller, but the main difference is that Scott utilized a much more concrete connection to models, tools and strategies that can be used by leaders and teams to achieve high performance. Scott is an educator, a climber, a mountain guide, and a high performance team and leadership coach. He will use his Everest story to educate and inspire the audience to help them climb their own mountains.

As you can see you can learn many different things from different Everest speakers. They key will be to choose the one that best meets the needs of your meeting or conference.