Great to get an expedition from Ryan Waters, Mountain Professionals.

And Away We Go!
November 17, 2016    

We send our first dispatch from the actual ski expedition which has finally begun! We flew from Union Glacier today at 11 am in the Twin Otter airplane with skis and landed at the Messner Start for our full unsupported South Pole Ski expedition! The weather when we landed in the vast white of the ice covered sea was quite amazing. No wind, blue skies and most likely around -15 degrees Celsius. Pretty much ideal. So we took a few minutes to load up our sleds with the precious potato chips supply that had been riding in cardboard boxes down from Punta Arenas. And we were off! I wish I could say blazing fast but more like a slow slog with these very heavy sleds each weighing in at around 100 kg.

We have roughly 495 Nautical Miles ahead of us to reach the Pole so we knocked off about 3.5 Nautical Miles in under 3 hours of skiing to just get started. We finished early to go over some additional ways we will put up camp, make water from snow blocks, and all the many tasks. Early to bed now for our first full day in the morning.