I love corporate team building

Outward Bound

I have been a corporate team building facilitator for more than 20 years. It all started during my time at Lakehead University and as an Outward Bound wilderness instructor. Outward Bound is most likely the founder of the modern corporate team building program.

One day I was asked to facilitate a corporate team building program for Outward Bound’s Professional Development Programs. This corporate team building program brought the experiential elements of the wilderness based Outward Bound program and adapted them to be appropriate for an adult corporate audience and to be delivered in an urban setting.

I quickly discovered that I loved being involved with these corporate team building programs. I realized that I am an educator and a facilitator at heart. Through my entire life I had always been teaching others what I knew, sometimes this was very little and sometimes it was a lot, but it was always focused on helping them to develop personally. As an Outward Bound instructor I did this with youth in an informal wilderness setting. When I started working with the corporate team building audience I thrived with the adult audience and the more formal setting.

I went on to complete my Masters in Training at Royal Roads University to add greater depth to my understanding of leadership training and high performance teams. I added this to all the Summit Team Building corporate team building programs to make them the best they can possibly be.

One of the great testing grounds for my team building theories are the mountaineering expeditions I lead. Having climbed for over 25 years I have seen great teams and I have seen highly dysfunctional teams. The main factor in success on a mountain, and in a corporate setting, is not skill and experience (yes those are required), but it is team dynamics, leadership and culture.

A high performance culture does not form by accident. It is built through great leadership, planning and structure.

My most recent series of expeditions have been a part of the True Patriot Love expeditions to help ill and injured Canadian soldiers and veterans and their families. We have explored the Himalaya’s together, skied to the North Pole and most recently climbed Mount Vinson; the highest mountain in Antarctica. Each of these expeditions began with a plan to craft a group of strangers into a high performance team. In everything I do I see the power and value of corporate team building.

Now you may not be wanting to take your team on an expedition (we can arrange that if you like), but you are most likely interested in helping your team become or maintain a high performance unit. This is where Summit’s keynote presentation, team building programs, and team development training workshops come in. At Summit we will have the perfect session to match your corporate team building needs.

My fellow facilitators at Summit are just as passionate about corporate team building as I am and together we have delivered corporate team building program to companies throughout the world, big and small. If you are looking for a corporate team building program contact us at Summit Team Building and we will make your corporate team building experience a great one.