As a speaker I believe that I have three main goals to accomplish at any event in which I speak. First and foremost I need to be an entertainer. If I am not entertaining, the audience will quickly lose interest in what I have to say regardless of the importance. The story I tell is what keeps the audience connected and this allows the next goal to be accomplished; educate. As a speaker I hope to introduce the audience to new ideas and concepts, and to see existing ideas in a new light. It is through this new lens that we see a new way forward and we identify new strategies, personal and team, that will take us to where we need to go. And lastly I hope to inspire. Through my stories I hope to light a fire or to provide a catalyst that will inspire people to look at what they do and to select new and better strategies for success. I would not say that I am a motivational speaker as motivation is an external factor that if often fleeting. Inspiration comes from within and is personal. When a person is inspired they have a much stronger conviction to the goals and strategy. In my talk I hope to inspire people to be introspective and to look at new and better ways of doing things.