Motivational Speaker - Mr. Scott KressAlmost every organization of any size will, at some time, seek a motivational speaker to get people ‘re-excited’ about the work they do. A great motivational speaker can walk into a ballroom of disenchanted or bored employees and, in less than an hour, fill it with hope and inspiration. When it works, it’s brilliant. And it says a lot about human nature.

In contrast to an organization’s leaders, the great motivational speaker needs to change nothing in the external environment of the employees. No new job descriptions, no new benefits, no pay raises, bonuses, or perks. The day to day tasks remain the same. What the motivational speaker changes is the way the employees see themselves in relation to their ‘same old’ world. It’s a collective internal shift of perspectives, sometimes made in hundreds of people at once, using the power of the personal story.

The successful motivational speaker can perform this task so well for a number of reasons. First, theirs is a new story of loss, struggle and success that resonates with the listener on an emotional level. You don’t have to be a climber of rock and ice to appreciate the hardships of an Everest climb in a metaphorical sense. You may have never set foot on a mountain but you have struggled. Epically, no doubt. And, you have experienced the exhilaration of success. Somewhere deep inside, you want to feel that success again.

Secondly, the most powerful motivational speaker comes into the room with a fresh objectivity that someone ‘inside’ the organization usually cannot duplicate. Yes, there are occasions that a visionary CEO can, in fact must, deliver a compelling message and light a fire. But a good motivational speaker brings new meaning that supports and magnifies that message to make it even more powerful. People come together around a new story of success that now binds them together to face new challenges.

At Summit Team Building, Scott Kress is one such motivational speaker. Scott is the founder of Summit and has been teaching leadership and team development for close to 25 years. Scott has a Masters in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University and has taught leadership and team development classes at the Rotman School of Management, the Odette School of Business and the University of Edinburgh. Scott is also a mountaineer and mountain guide and has scaled mountains throughout the world including Mount Everest.

Scott’s stories of his climbs to the highest points on the planet are what make his presentation engaging for your audience and his ability to tie in the leadership and team lessons is what makes it valuable to each individual and to the organization.

There is one thing in common in all mountaineering endeavors and that s teamwork. In Scott’s book “Learning in Thin Air” he describes how critical teamwork is and demonstrates what the outcome is when a group of individuals high performers fails to work together as a team.

Give Summit a call to learn more about having Scott to your next conference as a motivational speaker.