landing on the Blue Ice runway in Antarctica

landing on the Blue Ice runway in Antarctica

As a business we focus on social media as a marketing strategy. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as but a few of the tools used by most businesses these days.

As I am training for my trek to the South Pole I have been pulling truck tires around the neighborhood. This training will put me in a good place to pull a 200lb sled across the glaciers of Antarctica for almost 1000 km to the South Pole. On my daily pull sessions I would receive strange and confused looks from the people I passed. Many would laugh, shake their heads and just walk away. I was starting to get the reputation as the neighborhood lunatic.

A few people started to ask why I was subjecting myself to this torture. A dog walker would walk beside me for a while and ask questions. A cyclist on their own training plan would stop and ask me why. I even had a young man dropped off by his mother to ask me what I was doing this for. He walked beside me for a while and we chatted.

Many people asked if I had a blog or was on the neighborhood Facebook page. I do have a blog (you are reading it), but I was not on the neighborhood Facebook page. After several people asking the same question I decided I should get connected to the neighborhood through Facebook.

I found the group and joined. I then posted a note letting people know who I was, what I was doing and why. Almost instantly I received countless notes of support and encouragement. Some funny and some serious, but all supportive. The next time I was out for my tire walk I had multiple car honks, people rolling down their window to should encouragement, and people standing on their front steps clapping as I walked by. Wow who would have through that Facebook could add so much to my training.

I now look forward to meeting new people each time I go out with my tire and have met many of my neighbors that were until a few days ago strangers. I have even suggested that they grab their own tire and join me. Perhaps we can start a new fitness revolution and make a TV infomercial.