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Teams and organizations often face “chronic” problems. Like the constant battle between planning and implementation, the debate over change versus stability, or the struggle to honour individual parts of an organization while promoting the welfare of the whole group. Sometimes it seems that these problems cannot be solved. That is because they are not problems to solve, but instead, polarities to manage. Polarity Management™ supplements traditional either/or problem solving with the ability to capitalize on competing values that are unsolvable, unavoidable, and indestructible. This both/and approach results in transforming “unsolvable problems” into organizational strengths.




  • Interactive activities to help participants distinguish between problems that can be solved and polarities that need to be managed over time
  • Deliberate conversations that tap into healthy tension without stirring up unhealthy conflict
  • Identification of critical Team Polarities (competing values) to manage
  • Individual Action Planning


  • Can be designed as half-day or full-day


  • Challenging unproductive and limiting mindsets
  • Avoiding unwarranted conflict while learning to benefit from healthy opposition
  • Understanding and valuing each person’s unique contribution to the team

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