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At Summit Team Building we have taken a different approach to some of our team building programs and have designed them to be what we call team building training programs. A typical team building program is fun and light and focuses on the foundation of all high performance teams; relationship and culture whereas a team building training program takes this team building experience to the next level by digging much deeper into the content.

Our goal at Summit Team Building was to take a traditional workshop and blend it with an experientially based team building program and create a team building training program. This team building training would have the fun and engaging elements of the experiential team building program and the content and curriculum of the team training workshop.

An example is Scott Kress’ Learning In Thin Air Team Building Training workshop. This team building training workshop can be delivered in a half-day and a full-day format depending upon the needs, goals, objectives, and time constraints of the team.

In the Learning In Thin Air Team Building Training Workshop Summit Team Building has taken Scott’s popular keynote presentation and turned it into a team building workshop by adding greater content, curriculum, experiential activities, small group breakout session, personal reflection and personal action planning.

What is usually a 60 minute keynote presentation based on Scott’s summit of Mount Everest is now used as a thread that connects all the elements of a longer team building training workshop. As Scott shares his story he will at various points introduce models and tools that relate to the story content and that are relevant to the clients learning goals and objectives. Through experiential activities, reflection and discussion the participants will dig deeper into this content and make it real and applicable to them.

A custom designed workbook and Summit’s tool cards provide the take away material to help the participants transfer the learning from this program into their day to day work environment. During each breakout session the participants will discuss a particular model, tool, or strategy and how it applies to their goals and challenges. They will them create very specific application scenarios what can be immediately implemented back at work. This helps to overcome one of the most difficult challenges in team building and training; the at work application.

Summit has even developed a Manages Guide to AT Work Application that provides the team director with tools and strategies to keep this team building workshop alive when back at the office.

Scott has delivered this team building training workshop across Canada, in the United States, in Nigeria, the UK and Hong Kong. In one recent event the participant feedback scores were the higher for any training session in that year scoring almost one full point above all other presenters for the year.

The story is what makes this team building training workshop interesting and engaging, the curriculum makes it relevant, and the reflection, discussion and application makes it valuable to the individual, the team and the organization.

When you are looking for a team building or team training option for your team consider Summit’s team building training workshop option Learning In Thin Air.