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Transforming a great idea into a feature film is said to be the “magic of Hollywood.” Rarely do we think about the necessary pieces that need to come together to produce this magic. This is where true teamwork happens. This team building adventure will have your group identifying the skills needed for team success. Groups will then be challenged to communicate this through a “feature film” made up of digital photographs, narration, and special effects.




  • Your team will be divided into small film-making crews
  • Crews will storyboard the skills needed for effective teams and create a screenplay that brings this to life
  • This screenplay will then be transformed into a short film using a series of digital photographs
  • These films will be enhanced and brought to life by narration and special effects
  • Films will be presented at the “Summit Film Festival” where only one will be awarded Best Picture!


  • Foster creativity and celebrate team success
  • Present key organizational themes or messages in an entertaining and memorable way
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm

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