Everything is easier when you’re motivated. Lots of company heads and managers struggle to come up with new ways to motivate their employees, but the truth is it’s pretty simple once you figure out what matters to them. Many of these things are often very simple and stem from the old adage actions speak louder than words.

When you enlist the help of a motivational speaker it’s important to find someone that can truly engage your team through their own experiences, they don’t need to be a guru in your industry to inspire. In fact, more often than not someone from an entirely different walk of life can present a compelling narrative that taps into what’s most important – human connection.

Are Your Team Motivated?

Startups and small businesses tend to miss out the most when it comes to allocating a budget for team building activities with many assuming that just hiring the best people will be enough to keep motivation alive for the long haul.  As well as inviting a speaker to your event, engaging in team building and training you can also check to see if you are fulfilling these ten motivational markers to boost morale and keep the foundation of your team strong. To really inspire and motivate the connection must be organic and this has to be initiated by leaders in order for it to have any positive effect on your employees.

Motivational Speakers: Inspiring People

So what makes a strong motivational speaker today? If you go by the top search results on Google then anybody can become a good professional speaker by watching a stack of Youtube videos or buying a punchy short-course, but deep down we all know it’s not that simple and it would seem that Forbes agrees, with a straight talking article titled there’s no such thing as a motivational speaker.

While it’s possible to find a motivational speaker with true talent and experiences their gifts are born from living and learning rather than trying to make a job out of tools and skills. Personality and strong values not only motivate others but show that the speaker is aware of their position and dedicated to guiding others rather than being driven to make a quick buck at the expense of your team’s personal development. Take a look at the main qualities all good motivational speakers should possess, so you don’t settle for anything less.

Keynote Motivational Speakers For Team Building

At Summit, our top keynote speaker Scott Kress scales mountains and uses tools and insight from his own journey to give others solutions and ideas they can incorporate into their personal and professional lives. While many of us are unlikely to literally scale mountains just the metaphor alone gets you thinking about every challenge you’re faced with and how you can overcome obstacles. Focusing on relationship will enable your team to reach higher levels of performance and reap the rewards, with many employees now expected to be experts in their job roles with clear passion and vision, all of us must reflect on what will help us do our best work and in this case a motivational speaker can ignite the spark that brings your team together.