When you are planning your next team building event, make sure it is an event that your staff really enjoy. One that brings them together and provides lasting memories and value to your organization. To help ensure this is the case, follow these simple steps in the planning process.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure your team building event is as successful as possible:
1. Start with the objectives – What would you like, and what do you need? Is it a motivation session or a reward for great performance? A needs assessment can help you determine what will be best for your team and provide achievable objectives for the event.

2. Plan it for everyone – Take into account people’s abilities and interests and fears. A great event allows everyone to participate in a meaningful way. Having challenges that appeal to all learning styles and fitness levels are fun for everyone and will allow everyone’s strengths to shine within the team.

3. Go offsite – A change of scenery can add instant energy and fun to a team event as well as allowing the team to focus on the objectives rather than the usual distractions. Many conference facilities can provide a full range of services including partnering with a trusted team building provider. If the budget doesn’t allow for an additional venue there are also a number of cost effective options such as city parks or public spaces that may have suitable facilities.

4. Make it meaningful – There is a great benefit to combining your team building with a meaningful activity or donation to a charity. Your company and your staff team can demonstrate their shared values by making sure your team building event has an element of giving back to the community. Ask your team building provider what charities they are partnered with or how their events can be combined with their annual giving.

If you have taken these tips into account when planning your team building event – you are definitely on the right path to improving the cohesiveness and effectiveness of your team.

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