Outward Bound in Toronto, Mississauga

Summit Team Building has a long history with Outward Bound. In fact, Summit Team building partners with Outward Bound to deliver corporate team building programs.

Summit Team Building facilitators Scott Kress, Dave Gibson, and Colin Bunge are all former Outward Bound instructors and continue to promote the values and experiential learning founded by Outward Bound.

Scott Kress began working with Outward Bound as a wilderness instructor in 1990 and has led trips for youth, adults, First Nations, Youth-at-Risk, and corporate groups. Scott spent a great deal of time at the Canadian Outward Bound base on Black Sturgeon Lake north of Armstrong Ontario. From this based Outward Bound had access to Quetico Provincial Park and the Boundary Waters; two of the most amazing canoe trip locations in the world. Scott then worked for the Voyageur Outward Bound School (VOBS) based in Minnesota. When with VOBS Scott lead trips in Texas on the Rio Grande River, in the canyons of Mexico and the mountain trails of New Mexico. Scott quickly evolved into one of Outwards Bound’s top corporate facilitators and took a strong and continuous turn in this direction.

Dave Gibson of Summit Team Building starting working with Outward Bound in the late 1970’s and followed a similar course as Scott Kress. Dave Gibson has led countless wilderness courses and corporate retreats throughout Canada over the years.

Colin Bunge of Summit Team Building had a long and in-depth career at Outward Bound before joining Summit. Colin worked for many years as a program director in Canada and the safety manager for Outward Bound New Zealand.

Outward Bound specializes in wilderness based personal development programs for youth and in some cases adults. In recent years Outward Bound has expanded to offer urban based program for youth, adult wilderness adventures, and programs for Canadian veterans.

Summit Team building used the foundation built by Outward Bound and takes it to a new level appropriate for today’s corporate team building and training needs. Summit Team Building very much believes in the power of experiential learning pioneered by Outward Bound. Experiential learning brings the team building content to life and allows the participants to experience the models, tools, and strategies and not just hear them. A famous saying states – what I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I experience I understand.

In a Summit Team Building program we blend the best of the traditional training world (models, tools, strategies, case studies, debrief, action planning, etc) with the best of the experiential world. This allows Summit Team Building to take the foundation originated by Outward Bound and make it more relevant and valuable to a modern corporate audience.

Research has demonstrated that when an experiential approach is used for team building and training that the learning is deeper, the retention is longer, and the application is more likely. At Summit we believe you should expose your teams to many different learning styles, trainers, and content. Everyone learns a little differently and different programs will connect with different people and hearing the same message from different people in slightly different ways helps with overall retention.