blue mountain team buildingSummit Team Building is the official team building partner of Blue Mountain resort. Although we deliver team building program at any location you request, Blue Mountain provides us with some unique features which we can build a team building program around.

The Reaching New Heights team building program at Blue Mountain takes place on the Blue Mountain Woodlot Ropes Course. This program is designed to build strong trusting relationships among team members, to promote communication and team problem solving skills, and to provide a fun and inspirational environment for individuals to step outside their comfort zones and accomplish something truly memorable.

Summit utilizes the Woodlot Ropes Course which is a challenge course built on telephone poles and presents over 30 unique and challenging obstacles. There is a wide variety of challenges to meet almost anyone’s needs. Starting just feet from the ground and maxing out at close to 40 feet in the air all challenges are designed for the physical abilities of the average adult. Translation: you do not need to be a superstar athlete or in top physical shape to participate. This program is open to almost all physical abilities and presents options of different challenge for those looking for a greater challenge or something on the milder side.

We begin this team building program with a few warm up exercises to focus the team on teamwork, communication and building trust. We then put on harnesses and helmets and make our way to the course. The first challenge is a team challenge where the team must set a goal and transport product to customer. In this case the products are cups of water and the customer is a bucket at the end of the first section of ropes course. This is a challenge that must be approached as a team and only once the team begins to collaborate and communicate are they successful.

This earns them their pass to the high course for those that choose to embark on this adventure. Working in groups of three, the participants navigate a series of fun and exciting high ropes challenges. At each challenge there are instructions asking them to work together in a specific way. This exhilarating experience is a true bonding experience building trust, relationship, confidence, problem solving, and communication within the team.

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