gb1Team Building Hierarchy of Needs Just as with Maslow’s hierarchy of personal needs, all teams too have needs that must be met. It all starts with the foundation and builds from there.

Relationship: Relationship is the foundation of all high performance teams. People must know, respect, and understand one another. Just like the construction of a high-rise, if you don’t have a solid foundation you will not get very far. If you do not have this base you will never become high performance as these factors will become critical at some point.

Trust: Relationship allows trust to build. You do not need to be BFF’s with everyone at work, but you need to have a positive relationship with them and understand them for trust to form. You can have trust with those you do not know well, but this trust will be limited.

Communication: Trust allows us to have open and honest communication. This form of communication is critical within teams. You cannot afford to have gatekeepers of information, or less than full disclosure of thoughts, ideas, concerns and feelings. If there is no relationship there will be a lack of trust and this will impair communication.

Commitment: Only when full and effective communication has happened can there be commitment. If I have not had a chance to express my thoughts, ideas, concerns and questions I will not be willing to commit to the plan or course of action. Communication is critical for commitment.

Accountability: If I have truly committed to the plan, I will hold myself and others accountable to it. Accountability means putting your reputation on the line and people will only do this if they are 100% on board.

Ownership: If everything has come together; solid relationships have built trust, this trust has supported open and honest communication, communication has generated commitment, and commitment drives accountability. Now you will have ownership of high performance. This is a team or individual who takes pride in what they do and the results achieved. They will go above and beyond to build success.

Start from a strong foundation and build from there and you have a great chance of building a high performance team.

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