At Summit Team Building we have taken a different approach to some of our team building programs and have designed them to be more of a team building workshop. A typical team building program is fun and light and focuses on the foundation of all high performance teams; relationship and culture.

Our goal at Summit Team Building was to take a traditional workshop and blend it with an experientially based team building program and create a team building workshop. This team building workshop would have the fun and engaging elements of the experiential team building program and the content and curriculum of the team training workshop.

This style of team building workshop is perfect for the team that has specific learning and development goals and that does not want an activity that is outdoors of physical. This team building workshop takes place in your meeting room and needs no special set up. You do not need to worry about people feeling uncomfortable doing something out of the ordinary as this fit right in with their standard meeting environment.

An example is Summit Team Building’s Conquering Everest Team Building Workshop. This team building workshop utilizes a proven and effective approach to team building and team training. The Conquering Everest Team Building Workshop is based on Scott Kress’ popular Learning In Thin Air keynote. As the story is told of the climb of Mount Everest the participants are presented with decision points. Working in table teams they must decide what they will do based on these real life mountaineering challenges.

Summit Team building facilitators provide the group with tools, models and strategies for effective communication, brainstorming, conflict resolution and decision making and the team’s use these while deciding what they will do.

Points are gathered for right answers and this will ultimately relate to their ability to successfully summit Mount Everest with the story’s main character Scott Kress.

A bit about the story: In 2008 Scott Kress set out to climb Mount Everest with 4 team mates. In many ways the team was new and needed to form into a high performance team for safety on the mountain and to provide the best chance of making it to the top. 2008 was an Olympic year and this presented additional political and logistical challenges to the team. As they ascended the mountain the team had to work with the military, the government and the Olympic torch team to in order to get to the top. They also had the normal challenges of avalanches, rock an ice fall, altitude illness, extreme cold, lack of oxygen and more. Over a period of two months the team struggled together to make it to the top. Did they make it to the top? Book this engaging and educational program today and find out.

This team building workshop is fun, interesting and engaging and has great value in the content it presents. Team members will leave with greater skills in communication and decision making and will feel closer as a team. This will directly translate to better performance in the work environment.

When you are looking for a team building or team training option for your team consider Summit’s team building workshop option Conquering Everest.