Escarpment Magazine: Go South Until You Go North


It is hard to believe, but it has been over a year since I trekked to the South Pole. I am still learning from this expedition and have created an exciting motivation presentation, “Achieve the Outrageous”, that I share at conferences and meetings.

I am in the midst of training for my next expedition to Nepal, and I wanted to share the release of a story, “Go South Until You Go North”, about my South Pole expedition published in Escarpment magazine. Please check out this story and the rest of the magazine as well. It is full of interesting stories and great photos. An interesting fact is that every cover of the magazine has been painted by Deena Dolan Findlay (Graphic Art Designer, Art Director).

What Is My Next Expedition?



A common question people ask me after one of my keynote presentations is “what’s next?”. The options are endless and sometimes it is hard to decide, but this time it was easy.

Since 2012 I have been volunteering with True Patriot Love to help organize, lead and guide their fund raising expeditions. These expeditions take a team of ill and injured soldiers and civilians on a challenging expedition. This trip is part therapy, part fundraising, part transition coaching, and all adventure.

In 2012 we trekked to Everest base camp and climbed Island Peak. In 2014 we skied the last degree to the magnetic North Pole, and in 2016 we climbed the highest peak in Antarctica. I will now be joining TPL for the 2018 Himalayas expedition where we will trek to Everest base camp and then climb Lobuche East.

The team has been assembled and I have just returned from a training camp we ran in Canmore, Alberta. This training camp was designed to focus on technical skill development and team building (as I always say, a relationship is the foundation of any high-performance team).

We spent the camp working on crampon technique, technical ice climbing, roped travel, crevasse rescue, gear review, clothing review and more. In between the adventure we got to know one another and share our motivations for being part of this expedition.

For many of the soldiers, it is about working past the challenges of physical limitations and PTSD and them making a transition out of the military to an unfamiliar civilian world. For the civilians, it is about helping the people who have given so much to our country and culture.

The training camp was very successful in all of these areas and we are now one step closer to making this expedition a reality. We will depart for Nepal at the end of March 2018 and return 3-4 weeks later.
Over the next while I will share with you more about the expedition objectives and the team members.




Clothing and Gear video

This clothing and gear video will help you better understand what you need to bring on the expedition. If you browse through some of the past expedition blogs you will also find some details and video about the trek to Everest base camp.


Everest Expedition Video 6: Summit of Mount Everest

Hi and welcome to the sixth, and last, video in my Everest adventure series. On May 21, 2008, I stood on the summit of Mount Everest. It had taken years of training and almost two months of climbing to achieve this goal. It was an amazingly beautiful day. The temperature was only about -10c, there was very little wind, and the sky was clear of clouds. We spent about 30 minutes on the summit before heading down.

I will be adding more videos from Antarctica, The South Pole, The North Pole, Mount Vinson, Kilimanjaro and from my expeditions with True Patriot Love.


Everest Expedition Video 5: Climbing the Lhotse Face

Hi and welcome to the Fifth video in my Everest adventure series. Moving from camp 3 to camp 4 is a slow and painful process due to the lack of oxygen. The higher we go the harder it will become. Above camp 3 we start to breathe supplemental oxygen, but this does not eliminate all your problems. The oxygen gives you a boost, but climbing is still extremely difficult. In this video, you can see how slowly the climbers are moving. This is pretty much full speed on Everest.


Everest Keynote Update

Keynote Program

When I went climbing Mount Everest I did not go with the intention of developing a keynote or motivational presentation. I went on a personal journey to achieve a goal and to grow as a person. As a bonus, I found my experience, my story, was inspirational to others and could help them climb the mountains in their lives.

After telling my story informally the narrative began to develop into a more formalized keynote presentation with models, tools, strategies and techniques for building high-performance teams, for leadership, for overcoming challenge and change, and for achieving big goals.

Since 2009 I have shared my motivational keynote with over 450 groups and over 75,000 people. I am constantly tweaking and adding to my presentation and earlier this year I felt it was time for a complete refresh.
Working with a graphic designer I clarified my ideas and updated my presentation into a new updated version of Learning In Thin Air. This presentation is even more powerful than the original. As with any professional, I do not believe I can rest on what works today, but I must always be growing for tomorrow.

I am excited to now be using this new presentation and hope to share it with as many teams as possible. So the next time you are looking for a speaker for your next team meeting or conference give me a call and ask how my motivational keynote can add value to your event and help your teams climb their Mount Everest.