Corporate Scavenger Hunt at Blue Mountain resort

What do you think about when you think about the classic corporate team building program? For most of you the answer is the corporate scavenger hunt. Sometimes this is a photo rally, sometimes it uses GPS and other technology, and sometimes compasses and cryptic clues create the foundation. Regardless of the style the corporate scavenger has always been and will continue to be one of the most popular corporate team building options.

Now let’s say you are looking for a great conference location in Ontario. One of your first thoughts may be about Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood. There is no doubt that Blue Mountain Resort is a great place to hold your next meeting or conference, but add in the Summit Team Building Blue Mountain Adventure Quest and you will take your conference and your team building to the next level.

One of the reasons Blue Mountain is so popular as a conference and meeting destination is because of the huge variety of team building and recreational opportunities available. Summit Team Building happens to be the official team building provider for Blue Mountain and one of the many great team building programs we offer at Blue Mountain is our Blue Mountain Adventure Quest corporate scavenger hunt.

Corporate scavenger hunts are popular because they are fun, engaging and active. It is hard to find a better way to de-stress, energize and explore at the same time. A corporate scavenger hunt promotes teamwork, communication, collaboration, problem solving, planning and decision making. The Summit Team Building Blue Mountain Adventure Quest adds a healthy dose of adventure to the standard corporate scavenger hunt.

Taking advantage of all the amazing attractions offered at Blue Mountain Resort we have built some of these into our Blue Mountain Adventure Quest corporate scavenger hunt. As your team travels around the resort they are learning about all that the property has to offer and at some point during their challenge they will have the opportunity to ride the Ridge Runner, climb the Climbing Wall, plunge off the Apex Bag Jump, and zip the Wind Rider Triple Zips. You may need to go into a specific store or restaurant and ask a Blue Mountain employee a question. You may need to sample a piece of chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or gobble down a tasty treat from Beaver Tails.Every corporate scavenger hunt is a little different and your team will love the adventure, the experience and the variety offered in this corporate scavenger hunt.

Another element to consider adding into your corporate scavenger hunt is some custom clues or trivia related specifically to your company or your conference focus. Perhaps you want to reinforce a specific learning, your corporate values, or information on a new product launch. Work with our team at Summit Team Building and we will add in these customized elements that will make your corporate scavenger hunt even more engaging and valuable to your team and to your company.

Next time you are at Blue Mountain for a meeting or conference make sure you ask for the Summit Team Building corporate scavenger hunt the Blue Mountain Adventure Quest.

Corporate Scavenger Hunts Continue to be a Leading Team Building Option

When one thinks about the classic team building program two types of program immediately jump to mind; the cooking program and the corporate scavenger hunt. Both are immensely popular and for good reason. In this blog entry we will look at the value and design of the corporate scavenger hunt.

Corporate scavenger hunts are one of your best options for a team building program. Team building trends come and go, but the corporate scavenger hunt will be enjoyed regardless of how many times you might do it.

The beauty of a corporate scavenger hunt is that it is active and facilitates the exploration of whatever conference facility, resort, or meeting venue you happen to be at. At most meetings your team will spend countless hours in a closed in meeting room with no windows and an endless stream of Power Point presentations. At the end of the day they are dying for a break and need to be energized. A properly facilitated corporate scavenger hunt will do just this.

The corporate scavenger hunt also takes advantage of the competitive energy of your group. Some groups are mildly competitive and some are extremely competitive, but all groups have a competitive element to them. When put into teams and given a series of clue locations to find this competitive element ramps up the energy and the teams feed off this. This creates a fund and exhilarating team building program.

We at Summit Team Building know that competition, although a powerful positive force, can sometimes get out of hand and become negative. This is why we craft out corporate scavenger hunt team building program to provide just the right amount of competition.

Provided with clues, compass directions, GPS coordinates and challenges in competitive teams, your group will run, even if you tell them not to, all over the property. You can ask them to take photos of specific things in a photo rally, and to visit highlights in the local area.

Sometimes a corporate scavenger hunt can be so much more. At Summit Team building one of our values is giving back to the community; local and internationally. Our Play it Forward corporate scavenger hunt does just this. Not only is your team challenged to find a multitude of fun locations, but the more successful they are the more money, yes real cash, they earn. This money is loaned to a third world entrepreneur of their choice through the micro-financing organization Kiva. Over the last 5 years Summit Team Building has loaned over $100,000.00 to people in need across the world. As this loan is paid back we loan it out again and the more Play It Forward program we run the larger this loan account becomes.

Not only is your Play it Forward corporate scavenger hunt great for team building, but you are also making the world a better place while you are at it and that makes your team feel good.

Next time you are looking for a great team building option for a meeting or conference call us at Summit Team Building and ask about our Play it Forward corporate scavenger hunt.