Change Initiatives: Ideas and training to make your Change successful

change-key-214x300Here are two statistics that recently found their way to my inbox.

“70 % of all change initiatives fail to deliver on their promises.”


“Only 17% of those surveyed (765 businesses and earning professionals) rated their organizations highly effective in managing change initiatives.” (Association for Talent Development report, The Role of Organizational Learning in Change Development.)

In my experience, these statistics appear to represent today’s reality. It seems that, despite lots of talk and study over the past 20 years, we are not getting better at this important organizational activity. Why?

I believe one reason is the enormous challenge of learning how to do it right. (By right, I mean in a way that generates effective tactics and full implementation, but also creates buy in across the board.) How can an organization’s core change team learn to effectively bring about change when the time frames are so long, the learning curve is so steep and the risks associated with failure are so high?

We at Summit Team Building, have some answers. Through the award-winning ExperienceChange computer simulation, your leaders and managers can become experts at creating meaningful and lasting change. They will gain a year’s worth of valuable experience in one day … before your organization’s survival is on the line.

We’ll share some of the models and tools for change in the next few blogs, and let you know how you can become of those all-too-rare organizations that excel at change.

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