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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save the world from destruction! Clear and concise communication is truly the key to success when the goal is this important! This interactive challenge is one part imitation game, one part mission impossible and one part fun. Your team will work together to decipher, decode and ultimately diffuse as series of triggers before time and luck run out. There are several areas of expertise to master in order to accomplish this challenge. How your team manages the pressure, prioritizes activities and communicates with each other will determine their success…and the fate of the world!


  • Your team will be divided into tactical units that will have to master the skills required to decode a cryptic message, neutralize a virus and diffuse a bomb.
  • Participants will learn new skills from the experts and put them to the test.
  • Tactical units will then join forces to complete the ultimate challenge and save the world.
  • Strategic planning, coaching and effective communication are critical to your overall team success.


  • Create “big-picture” thinking and generate interdepartmental collaboration
  • Strengthen personal relationships
  • Experience the benefits of effective team collaboration in high pressure situations

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