South Pole Video Blog 2 – The Journey Begins

Welcome to the second video in my South Pole adventure series. We have just been dropped off on the Ronne Ice Shelf where the ocean meets the continent of Antarctica. It is a beautiful day, but we are intimidated by the challenge we are about to embark on. As the Twin Otter flies away we are now completely alone. Isolated in one of the harshest environments in the world. We put on our skis, hook onto our sleds, file into a line and begin to pull. The journey of 1000km begins with the first step. For the next 45 days we will work together as a team to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to accomplish something few people have ever done.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Team Building Axe Throwing


You are standing in a field, facing a wooden target with an axe in your hand. You arc your arm back, swing forward and release the axe. It spins through the air striking the target and you have completed your first ever axe throw.

For quite some time we have avoided the topic of axe throwing. Being a bit of a fad in corporate team building we have had many requests for axe throwing, but until now we did not really feel we could call it team building as we define team building.

Team building is a very broad topic and can be anything from a pizza party to an in-depth training intervention. We always put axe throwing into the pizza party category of team building and as a stand-alone event. I do think this is where it belongs. It is fun and you are doing it as a team, but there is a little team or personal growth involved.

However, one cannot dismiss something without personal experience so we as a team set out to have our first axe throwing experience. Now having done axe throwing ourselves we can see the appeal of this activity, but we knew in order for us to call it team building we would need to make more of it than just throwing an axe at a target.

We have now worked axe throwing into a few of our custom team building programs at Blue Mountain Resort and the Kingbridge Conference Centre. As in many of our team building programs your team will be required to navigate through a series of team challenges and now axe throwing can be one of them.

So the next time you are looking for a fun and motivational team building event contact us to discuss how we can add a Summit team building program to your event.

South Pole Video Blog 1 – Expedition to the South Pole

This is the second in my video blog adventure series. This series will share my expedition to the South Pole.
In November of 2016, I set out with three friends to trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. Something which few people in history have ever done. We will ski almost 1000km across some of the most unhospitable terrain on the planet to achieve our goal. This video blog series will give you some insight into our journey.

It is November 17, 2016, and our expedition to the South Pole has officially begun. We have just landed at Union Glacier in Antarctica. This is the main staging camp where we will be for a couple of days before we get dropped off at the edge of the continent on the Ronne Ice Shelf. The flight from Punta Arenas is just over 4 hours and we land on a blue ice runway which is a 1000m thick block of solid ice. This Russian built aircraft is one of the few planes that can land in these conditions. We will be shuttled over to the main camp which is about 8km away and set up our tents. Once we have all our final gear checks in place and the weather is good for flying we will board the twin otters to fly to our starting point.

Our journey will take 45 days and will require us to dig deeper than ever before to endure the suffering required to achieve this goal. I have created a new keynote presentation called “Achieve the Outrageous” that shares this story and relates it to achieving greatness in our personal and professional lives.

I hope you enjoy.

Making Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen



At Summit Team Building one of our popular team building programs is our Ice Cream Making Challenge. This fun and delicious team building programs challenges your team to create the best new ice cream flavor.

We are always looking for ways to add to our amazing team building programs and have now added a liquid nitrogen option to this popular ice cream making challenge.

Our classic ice cream making team building program uses an ice cream ball to make the ice cream. This is a very fun, engaging and active way to make ice cream. However, making ice cream with liquid nitrogen is exciting and has a huge ‘wow’ factor.


This team building program is fun and full of energy. It is a great way to energize your team part way through a meeting or to cap of your day with a team building adventure.

The next time you are looking for a team building program with a big ‘wow’ factor give us a call and ask about our new liquid nitrogen Ice Cream Making Challenge.


Escarpment Magazine: Go South Until You Go North


It is hard to believe, but it has been over a year since I trekked to the South Pole. I am still learning from this expedition and have created an exciting motivation presentation, “Achieve the Outrageous”, that I share at conferences and meetings.

I am in the midst of training for my next expedition to Nepal, and I wanted to share the release of a story, “Go South Until You Go North”, about my South Pole expedition published in Escarpment magazine. Please check out this story and the rest of the magazine as well. It is full of interesting stories and great photos. An interesting fact is that every cover of the magazine has been painted by Deena Dolan Findlay (Graphic Art Designer, Art Director).