Summit and Blue Mountain Team Building

Team Building Outside!

Blue Mountain Resort is one of the largest and most popular conference facilities in Canada and can offer your group meeting, dining, entertainment, team building, and recreation options not found elsewhere. Less than 2 hours North of Toronto and pinned between Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment, Blue Mountain Resort is a four season paradise.

As more and more corporate groups access Blue Mountain Resort for their conferences and meetings it became apparent to Blue Mountain that they needed to partner with a team building provider that could be trusted to professionally serve their clients.

Without hesitation Blue Mountain Resort reached out to Summit Team Building to fill this role. When at Blue Mountain for a conference team building is a critical component to most companies’ time at the resort. Team building has long been acknowledged as important in team development and performance and when at conferences and meetings seemed the logical time to participate.

Blue Mountain Team Building programs offered by Summit Team building range from 60 minutes to a full day. From indoors to outdoors. From highly physical to more interactive. Summit Team Building has designed several unique team building programs only available at Blue Mountain Team building.

One example of a unique Blue Mountain Team Building program offered by Summit Team building is the 7 Summits Challenge. This Blue Mountain Team Building program takes place on the exciting Timber Challenge high ropes course. Your team will be challenged to climb the 7 Summits, the highest peak on each of the 7 continents. Outfitted with harnesses and helmets and given the technical training your team will embark on an exciting climb with one of our Sherpas. During the climb the team will be presented with various physical and communication challenges that will require trust, communication, problem solving and teamwork. This is a team building program that will not soon be forgotten and there is a role for all team members even non climbers.

Another example of one of our team building program at Blue Mountain is the Blue Mountain Adventure Quest. This scavenger hunt based program is one of our most popular and for good reason. Scavenger hunts allow participants to expend energy while exploring and learning about the conference venue. Blue Mountain is such a large and diverse property that it is perfect for this style of team building programs. During the scavenger hunt participants will also have the opportunity to sample many of Blue Mountains unique attractions and activities such as the Mountain Coaster, the Apex Bag Jump, the Wind Rider Zip Line, the Climbing Wall, The Cascade Putting Course, and maybe even some chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or a tasty treat from the food vendor Beaver Tail. If you select this team building program while at Blue Mountain you will not be disappointed.

When you are planning your next meeting or conference consider Blue Mountain Resort as an option and check out the Blue Mountain team building options offered exclusively by Summit Team Building.

Kickstart Kilimanjaro

Amboseli_national park_back_drop_mount_kilimanjaro-tanzaniaThis July Summit President Scott Kress will lead a climb of Kilimanjaro. Scott has climbed Kilimanjaro two times previously and is keen to return. This climb is part of the Kickstart program at Medcan. This program is designed to kickstart a lifestyle change for those that need it and to promote fitness, healthy nutrition, and leading an active and healthy life.

In Scott’s opinion Kilimanjaro presents the perfect combination of factors for the novice climber; and this is why it is so popular. The Altitude of Kilimanjaro at 5895m (19,341ft) is high enough that it provides exposure to high altitude and the challenges that accompany this, but it is not so high as to be overly difficult or dangerous. There is no technical climbing involved so novice adventures can do it. The route is physically demanding so that when one makes it to the summit there is a real and justifiable sense of accomplishment and easy enough that most people can do it provided they have put in the training beforehand. And lastly beyond the dangers of high altitude sickness there are no real objective hazards on the mountain.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a study in ecology like few other places on earth. One starts in the low African plains and then as you climb higher you go through multiple eco zones essentially travelling from the plains to an arctic glaciated environment. The topography and the flora and fauna as you trek each day is spectacular and ever changing.

The keys to success on Kilimanjaro, although there is never any guarantee, are fitness and acclimatization.

Most people can acclimatize to the altitude of Kilimanjaro given the appropriate amount of time. Time is what your body needs to make the necessary physiological adjustments to the lower levels of available oxygen and the decrease in pressure. There are guiding companies offering 4 and 5 day climbs and I have a friend that did it in 48 hours, but for most people this would be asking for trouble. A 7-8 day trip is best for most people. This relaxed pace allows the body to adjust slowly and thus not revolt against a sudden change in altitude.IMG_4275

Fitness is relative for each person, but plan to be in the best shape of your life. You may not need this level of conditioning, but it is great to set as a goal and the better shape you are in the more you will enjoy the climb. Fitness does not influence how your body adapts to altitude, but it is pretty much a prerequisite for success.

All in all Kilimanjaro is a great experience. Prepare for it to be busy with other aspiring adventurers  and pack your patience as some sections of the trail may become congested.

If you are interested to join Scott on this climb please contact him through this website.