Scott Kress Keynote Power of Team

Teams allow individuals to step outside their comfort zone and to accomplish things they otherwise could not do alone. Cho Oyu was my first 8000m peak and I wondered if I had ‘bitten off more than I could chew’. This is where the power of team comes in. As long as we work well together as a team our combined experience, knowledge and strength will allow us to be successful. Plus the additional benefit if the team is the confidence that is gained through mutual support and comradery.


Scott Kress Keynote Comfort Zone

Regardless if we are climbing a mountain or striving to achieve a goal in a company we always have periodic blips in our world where the tension, stress and pressure is jacked way up. It is during these times that we must rely upon our teammates to help us through. Teams allow individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and to perform at extraordinary level when required. You can do this because you know the team has go your back and is provided a safety net for you. In this clip I discuss a very precarious section of the summit ridge and the role team plays in overcoming this challenge.


Scott Kress Keynote Closing

My final summation and a re-cap of what I hoped to accomplish in my presentation: Entertain, Educate. Inspire. My final words present a famous quote tying the presentation together and giving the audience accountability and momentum; “If not you, Who. If not now, When”.


Scott Kress Keynote Deliberate Success

The Deliberate Success model is one I have developed to help teams understand the three big buckets that require your time and focus to build performance. This begins with Vision as without Vision we have no direction. Once the Vision is established we must determine very specific actions to bring the vision to life. Reflection is a rare commodity in today’s business world and is essential to maintain direction and to identify course correction needs. In this clip I talk about how we applied this to our climbing team.