Free Summit Team Building Showcase

Outward Bound TorontoSummit Team Building takes a human-centered approach in designing programs focused on unleashing a team’s full potential.  Twenty years of experience has taught us that companies and organizations require different solutions at different times.  To effectively address these needs, we have developed 3 distinct service streams; Team Building, Team Development and Keynote Speaking.

In order to fully appreciate how Summit Team Building can help your organization build a high-performance culture, focused on the team and organizational goals please join us at one of our half day showcases.



This is your opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at not just what we deliver but how we deliver it and why.  You will experience an abridged version of one of our team building programs, a module from a team development program as well as a sample of the keynote “Learning In Thin Air

Date:          Wednesday March 2nd and Thursday April 28th, 2016

Location:   The Estates of Sunnybrook, 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON

Time:          8:00-11:30 am

A complimentary continental breakfast is included.

Space is limited. Please register at


Scott Kress Keynote Introduction

As a speaker I believe that I have three main goals to accomplish at any event in which I speak. First and foremost I need to be an entertainer. If I am not entertaining, the audience will quickly lose interest in what I have to say regardless of the importance. The story I tell is what keeps the audience connected and this allows the next goal to be accomplished; educate. As a speaker I hope to introduce the audience to new ideas and concepts, and to see existing ideas in a new light. It is through this new lens that we see a new way forward and we identify new strategies, personal and team, that will take us to where we need to go. And lastly I hope to inspire. Through my stories I hope to light a fire or to provide a catalyst that will inspire people to look at what they do and to select new and better strategies for success. I would not say that I am a motivational speaker as motivation is an external factor that if often fleeting. Inspiration comes from within and is personal. When a person is inspired they have a much stronger conviction to the goals and strategy. In my talk I hope to inspire people to be introspective and to look at new and better ways of doing things.


Scott Kress Keynote Energy

Covey’s Circle of Influence model is a great one for helping us compartmentalize what is helping us an what is sucking away our energy. In this clip I discuss how we applied this model to our team on the mountain and the challenges we faced and relate it to how the audience can use it in their world. This model allowed us to make some very specific choices that we may not have mad if we had not understood the concept this model presents.

Scott Kress Keynote Nothing Fails Like Success

On Mount Everest more deaths occur on the way down after the summit than on the way up. Ultimately nothing fails like success. What got you there will not keep you there as the environment is constantly changing. Those that do not adapt will be left behind and those that adopt a superior and perhaps a complacent attitude due to their success are often in for a very unpleasant reality check.


Scott Kress Keynote Goal Setting

Goal setting is critical in any organization and on a mountain. We all know our year end goal or the goal to reach the summit. However, that monumental task can seem overwhelming when looked at all at once. This is why we brake these business goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes even hourly goals. It make it easier for us to digest the requirements and to know what we need to do and accomplish in the present. In this clip I compare this strategy to how we set goals on the mountain.