What value can a motivational speaker provide to your conference or meeting?

md101Most meetings and conferences bring in a motivational speaker to enhance the participant experience. Is it worth it in the end?

Motivational speakers come in all shapes and sizes and speak on an endless variety of topics. The end goal of all motivational speakers, I believe, is to motivate the audience to achieve something new.

Sometimes the motivational speaker is simply an entertainer sharing their story or experience. There is really no guidance as to how it relates, it is simply a story and it is up to the audience member to take this story and make meaning in it for themselves.

Other motivational speakers use their story as a continuous thread to which they connect various models, tools, strategies and insights. This motivational speaker tries to help the listener connect their story to their world.

Other motivational speakers have no real story at all and use the story of others or current research to help their audience see the world in a new way. This motivational speaker usually has a genre of focus that they specialize in.

At Summit Team Building our motivational speaker is Scott Kress. Scott has a unique combination not seen in most motivational speakers. Scott is a professional leadership and team development trainer having taught at several leading EMBA and MBA programs. He is also an international mountaineer who has climbed and led expeditions on all 7 continents. Scott uses this combination to craft an engaging story connected to the latest models, tools, and strategies in team and leadership training.

Regardless of the motivational speaker you book for your event you need to know what your goals and objectives are and then select the most appropriate speaker based on this.