Self Arrest Technique

This video is intended as a review of the proper self arrest technique to be used in mountaineering. This video was produces by Glenmore Lodge in Scotland.

We are NOT Canadian Outback Adventures

Summit TB logoWe are not Canadian Outback Adventures. We are Summit Team Building. Many people find us both when searching for team building options and wonder what the difference is. Now I cannot tell you exactly what Canadian Outback Adventures does as I am from Summit Team Building and I would never tell you Canadian Outback Adventures is no good as they do provide good programs for specific needs.

Here at Summit Team Building we focus on building high performance teams through three focused program categories.

Our team building programs offer a fun, engaging and educational break from a meeting or a conference. We have many programs to choose from and each with a different theme and outcome. Some programs are indoors and some are out. Some are more physical and some are more cerebral. Some are rooted in deep learning and others are pure fun. Some have a philanthropic component and some do not. The options are many and the benefits are great. We can offer team building programs across Canada and in the United States and can work with groups of any size.

Our Team Development programs are designed to take your teams, team members and your leaders to a new level of performance. We utilize a unique team development program approach where we combine the best of the traditional training environment with engaging experiential activities. These experiential activities bring our team development programs to life and help the learner better understand and apply the program content.

Our keynote speaker and motivational speaker events are a great way to kick off a meeting, to bring greater depth to an after dinner keynote or to close a conference with a strong, educational and motivational message. Scott Kress will share riveting and dramatic stories of his climb of Mount Everest and tie this to relevant and easy to apply models, tools and strategies. As a keynote speaker and motivational speaker it is hard to beat Scott’s performance.

At Summit Team Building we can help you make your conference or meeting a more valuable experience and remember, we are not Canadian Outback Adventures.